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"I look at our primary business as education, not inspection; through our inspection process, we educate our clients with information critical to making informed property buying decisions"    

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We at Integrity Home Inspection have dedicated this area of our web site to our clients and partners. It is our goal to provide resources and information which hopefully will help our partners avoid major "Inspection Surprises" and to have useful resources at their finger tips. This information is being provided as is without any types of guarantees or warrantees. Use of this information is is solely the responsibility of the user and Integrity Home Inspection takes no responsibility for any actions, judgments, responses, results or outcomes because of the use of this information. Use it at your own risk. 


Preferred Partners (click here)

Many of our partners ask who we would prefer for certain services. These are our recommended vendors, we are very particular in our choices and we know these people to be people of integrity. By clicking above, we have given a list of our preferred partners.

Insurance Issues

We realize that in Florida, Insurance has become a major issues with new home owners because if you can't get insurance you can't secure a mortgage. Below are some good things to know that will help you stay ahead of the game.





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